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Car Battery Service in Andalusia, AL

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Though it isn’t a major issue in terms of automotive maintenance, a dead car battery is inconvenient at best and the cause of an expensive tow at worst. If you’ve ever experienced the pain of finding that your key just won’t turn the car on thanks to a dead battery, you’re probably keen on learning how to prevent it from happening again. Thankfully, staying on top of your battery health is both easy and affordable, especially at Walt Massey Nissan.

We understand that keeping up with the maintenance of your car can feel like a hassle on top of your already-busy schedule, so we’re here to make keeping your battery in good shape easy. Our service center at Walt Massey Nissan can run a quick test to ensure that there’s plenty of power left in your battery to prevent a dead battery down the road. Even better, it’s one of our most affordable services.

When Do You Need Battery Service?

Unlike other things like the brakes, the oil, or an alignment, there might not be any noticeable warning signs that your battery is on its way out. In general, batteries will last for about three years, but everything from your driving habits to the local weather can shorten or lengthen that time. One way you can check on the health of your battery is to perform quick visual inspections every couple of months. In these inspections, you’ll want to look for any corrosion or damage to the battery that could signal that it might die sooner rather than later. If you aren’t sure how old your battery is, or it hasn’t been tested in awhile, be sure to book a Battery Test appointment with us at Walt Massey Nissan.

Schedule Battery Service at Walt Massey Nissan

As is true with all automotive maintenance, it’s much better – and safer – to be proactive instead of reactive when something goes wrong. Whether you need a battery test, an oil change, or a bigger repair on a major system, book your appointment online today at Walt Massey Nissan. Our team will take care of all of your automotive maintenance needs quickly, efficiently, and for an affordable price. Schedule your next maintenance appointment online today. 

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